Numerous and functional devices to make your life easier

Randger camper vans - R560 4x4

When roaming far and often, having a well equipped van is INDISPENSIBLE.
At Randger, we carefully select the offered equipment so that it’s useful and practical in the day to day.

All our vans are also equipped with compression refrigerators, a technology that lets you obtain cold quickly and to conserve it, even in cases when it’s hot outside.

Another important element: the heating. At Randger, we have selected the Diesel D4 Combi, a heating system that works on your vehicle’s power source : Only one tank to fill with the comfort of knowing that refueling is available in France and abroad.

And you will appreciate all the equipments that make the comfort of your Randger van: interior and exterior LED lighting, flushed Seitz SR7 windows, RémiFront cabin blinds, the screen on the lateral door…*

Elements that matter in the selection of your FUTURE TRAVEL COMPANION.

*Available according to the model, see complete technical description on each model